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06 Sep 2021
Challenges for small companies handling new tools and technology

The Challenge

It is very common for relatively small companies to face several challenges when it comes to technology. Multinational technology corporations, such as Microsoft, frequently release a deluge of new tools and products, resulting in a sense of information overload for users who are not conversant enough to catch up. Smaller companies rarely have a department devoted to new technology, making the management of the latest tools extremely difficult and chaotic. For example, Microsoft informs users weekly for changes in application features, and the plethora of new, affordable tools creates the delusion that users can utilise them and make the most of them by themselves, without any additional guidance or cost. However, this huge batch of features and facilities is often more confusing than helpful, especially when taking into consideration that many applications meet similar needs and every user can perform the same task using two or more different tools in a different way.

The Solution

Affordable tools from technology giants are a great base to start with, but they are not truly valuable without guidance. In such cases, consultancy is probably the most effective solution. Smaller companies need a partner who understands their business and knows the way to make tools more productive. Moreover, the consultant must be able to pull this knowledge together and to have a deep understanding of the best practices in order to make the most of each feature. MetaDocs is a highly successful Microsoft ISV partner, specialising in the shipping market, providing equally specialised software that helps users take full advantage of the Microsoft ecosystem.


  • With a deluge of new tools and features from tech giants launching weekly, small companies face challenges regarding current technology
  • Consultancy is the key to taking full advantage of technology products
  • MetaDocs is a highly successful Microsoft partner, providing guidance and specialised software to companies wanting to take the next step in terms of technology

  • Making the most of Microsoft application, tools, and features
  • Having a partner that understands your business while knowing best practices and technology
  • No need to have in-house experts to catch up with every change and update
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