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10 Feb 2023
Keep Calm and Keep Using Outlook in maritime shipping: how a shipping company avoided downgrading their user experience.

It is widely recognized that Outlook is a crucial tool for any organization looking to improve its communication. Especially for large shipping companies, Outlook transforms into a strong and mighty tool that addresses everyday difficulties and enhances employee productivity and efficiency. However, what happens when certain strategic decisions within the company threaten to disrupt this harmony?

The problem

A major maritime shipping company approached us seeking assistance with a similar predicament. A newly appointed manager believed that the company should update its email management experience by quitting Outlook and reverting to a traditional “Message Manager” application which offered a “departmental mode of operation”, which is accepted as a shipping best practice. However, much of the staff disagreed with this decision.

The solution

In response to the staff’s concerns, the company decided to move forward instead of taking a step back. This involved enhancing the utilization of their existing email system instead of replacing it. They employed MetaDocs’ special Microsoft Outlook add-on, Astris TeamWare, with tremendous success. The company’s employees could implement the “work-as-department” logic without sacrificing the freedom, ubiquity, and ease of use of Outlook, and management was ultimately satisfied with the outcome.

What Astris Teamware is all about

Still curious about Astris Teamware after reading the above case study? Then read on for more information:
Astris Teamware Solution enhances, rather than replaces, the Outlook ecosystem, which includes Exchange Server and Office 365, allowing organizations to benefit from Microsoft’s long-term development strategy and dependability instead of relying on various third-party solutions that may have an uncertain future.


A major maritime shipping company faced a dilemma with a newly appointed manager wanting the company to quit Outlook and revert to an older “message manager” type of app. At the same time, the rest of the staff opposed it, having used Outlook for over a decade. The solution was to enhance the existing email system using Astris TeamWare, a specially-made Microsoft Outlook add-on by MetaDocs.


  • Maximized email efficiency: staying with the current system instead of changing applications and methods
  • Endorsed the departmental mode of operation whereby emails are sent and received using departmental and not personal email addresses

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Astris TeamWare Suite
A unique way to manage your emails using Outlook 365