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15 Feb 2022
Ultimus BPM Suite: Successful management of employees’ teleworking requests during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Challenge

Amid general turmoil caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the enterprises had to promptly re-evaluate and readjust their internal processes. One of the most prominent examples of such was the requirement for large-scale remote working (teleworking) for corporate employees.

More specifically, a leading Greek gas company was deeply challenged during the management of the employees’ teleworking requests in accordance with state-imposed regulations and with complex corporate resolutions. All that had to happen in under a month due to state deadlines.

For MetaDocs, the challenge was to design and develop an electronic business process to accommodate the clients’ needs, to predict any possible short-term and long-term complications that might emerge, to communicate the design plan, to include all the required parameters, and to deliver the aforementioned project in one go.

The Solution

For this demanding project, a special teleworking process was developed utilizing the existing Business Process Management (BPM) platform which has already served the customer for more than a decade.

Despite the involvement of fine detailed complex requirements, the expectations were perfectly met. We achieved seamless integration with the company’s existing systems (HR and reporting among others).

The project was completed within just 15 days. It is an outstanding task, considering the time frame given and the complexity of the process, as it would normally take more than a month of continuous development on the platform for its completion. As we focused on achieving both speed and accuracy, the delivered process managed to run smoothly, with zero errors, since the first moment of its operation.

MetaDocs managed to meet all the regulatory requirements in a short period, but also to provide long-lived results.

Having completed this demanding project, our company’s scope and capabilities are pretty evident. We understand office business processes and the necessary know-how to create solutions with speed and accuracy.

Interesting facts:

– The project was completed within only 15 days, a unique feat. Usually, this kind of project requires at least a month’s work and several versions of the deliverable to complete.

– Zero errors and bugs were reported. The process ran successfully since the first day of its operation, without lacking in efficiency.

– Request forms and documents of a 350-employee company were flawlessly handled end to end.


The undertaking of a complex project was successfully completed within a fortnight through the creation of a completely new business process workflow on the company’s established platform, without any errors since its first day of operation.


Smooth handling of a large amount of complex content, using a responsive and user-friendly interface.


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