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20 Jul 2021
Astris version 5 is now available

Astris is a powerful tool when it comes to email management, equipping its users with helpful features that facilitate their work and collaboration. Astris Generation 5 has a new engine, providing an enhanced user experience. Some of these enhancements are: 

  1. The new Astris search works on smartphone
  2. Add-ins are available for Outlook Web (OWA)
  3. Content searches are now 6 times faster 
  4. Astris Searches can be saved
  5. There is a highly capable GDPR module to help users assign special GDPR policies on emails and let the DPO execute those polices.
  6. Templates for e-mails: This is particularly helpful for users or departments that frequently send the same e-mails as it is now possible to turn them into a single, standard, professional template for everyone to use.
  7. Jotting on e-mails: This feature enables users to make notes on an e-mail and use them as micro-blog right on the e-mail.

All in all, Astris Generation 5 is now even more valuable for companies with demanding messaging management.

A unique way to manage your emails using Outlook 365