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16 Feb 2024
Benefits of Astris TeamWare Suite for larger shipping companies

Astris TeamWare Suite® is a software solution that enhances the Outlook and Exchange/365 ecosystem by providing unique, high-performance e-mail archiving, collaboration, and filing facilities. It can benefit larger shipping companies in several ways, such as:

  • It can reduce the inbox clutter and the load on the email server by storing all the emails and documents in a central corporate storage facility that is easily accessible from Outlook.
  • It can improve communication and coordination among different teams, departments, and branches by allowing users to receive and access all the relevant emails for their group without having to rely on cc’d emails.
  • It can enhance the security and compliance of email management by offering features such as access control, auditing, and GDPR retention policies.
  • It can boost the productivity and efficiency of the staff by providing a powerful search feature that can find any email or document in seconds, regardless of whether the user received it directly or not.
  • Astris TeamWare Suite® is designed to work seamlessly with the Outlook and Exchange/365 environment, so the users do not have to change their familiar email interface or learn new software. It is also compatible with other MetaDocs solutions, such as Astris ECM, which is a full-fledged enterprise content management system.
A unique way to manage your emails using Outlook 365