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09 Feb 2024
MetaDocs welcomes new customer acquisitions

The past period has been marked by significant milestones and successes, establishing the stage for our continued growth.


Our customer base experienced a broader increase, welcoming new customers from Greece, the UK, and Germany.


In the highly competitive Shipping Industry, placing our Astris TeamWare Suite Software in well-respected Shipping Companies is a source of immense pride.


Latsco London Ltd and Thurlestone Shipping Ltd, both in the UK, have embraced the Astris TeamWare Solution to address the Email Management challenges encountered in their demanding environments.


Similarly, Interunity, the Union of Greek Shipowners, Stem Shipping, Allseas Marine, and Sea Commercial have integrated our solution into their Office 365 environments to streamline their email management.


Additionally, Neu See Seeschiffahrt, in Hamburg, Germany, has implemented the Astris Solution with Microsoft 365, moving away from their traditional Message Manager application.


Our commitment to providing exceptional customer care and value remains unwavering for all our customers, old and new. We are devoted to nurturing robust partnerships and exceeding expectations in all our endeavors.


Each collaboration with our customers promises innovation, growth, and commitment.

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